Get Superior Moisture for Hair and Skin with Two Natural Ingredients

How many times have you gotten out of the shower, dried off and applied an oil only to look up hours later and discover the dreaded midday dryness has invited itself to the party once again?

And how many times have you applied an oil to your lovely locks only to have it appear parched and thirsty by midday?  The problem with oil is that it is not and has never been, a moisturizer.  However, the great thing about oil is it is a great sealant when used properly.  Oil, when applied on top of a moisturizer locks softness into place resulting in skin and hair that remains  silky soft and easy to manage.

We’ve all seen oil floating in a layer on top of a glass of water, refusing to mix like cliques at a highschool dance.  Logically, it would seem that since they are both liquids they would bond at some point; but the truth is they have very different chemical compositions.

In short, oil is less dense than water and made of larger molecules.  These molecules do not carry a charge and therefore cannot bond with water.  Oils large molecules cling together and create an elastic layer, forming droplets on the surface of the water.

Wait a minute, does this mean that oil forms an elastic layer on skin and hair and if applied in a dry state will lock out  the moisture?  Yes.  And this same oil, if applied to a moist area will form a layer to lock in the moisture?  Thats right, now you’re starting to get it.

While plain water is a great moisturizer in it’s own regardGlass containers with rose water and flowers

I prefer using the properties found in rosewater to do my bidding. 

Rosewater, is the left over liquid remaining when rose petals and water are distilled together for the purpose of making rose oil.  Ancient Romans were said to bathe in the water for its anti-septic and anti-bacterial properties.  It has a delightful aroma and is a lightweight method of providing moisture for your skin and hair.  Rosewater, can be found at most local grocery stores including: Indian and other natural food markets such as Whole Foods.

                         Jojoba Oil                                                           

 Finding a natural oil to lock in moisture always comes down to a matter of  taste; some of my personal favorites are: jojoba, coconut, extra virgin olive oil, shea butter, argan and almond.  When it comes to oils the lists is exotic and endless; it just depends on your needs and whether your skin is dry or oily.

Spray BottleAll you need to stay soft and moist are a spray bottle (purchased at any local beauty supplier), rosewater and a natural oil.  Pour the rosewater in your spray bottle and spray on face, body and hair after showering.  Next apply your oil to lock in the moisture for the day.  Many have reported clearer skin, smaller pores, and hair that is easier to detangle just from using rosewater alone; not to mention the soft scent that stays with you all day.  If you’d prefer not to smell like a subtle rose try orange blossom water for the same benefits with little to no scent.  So, what’s in your spray bottle?


Sources Manali Oak


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