A Fight for Fashion & Fashion for Humanity

I’ve heard quite a few horror stories about the vintage lovers paradise, Jet Rag located at 825 N. La Brea in West Hollywood, and   most of them include down right brawls for clothing at the $1 yard sale held on Sundays at 10:45.

So when I went down there with my mini me side kick in tow, we were prepared for a battle.

When we arrived dressed in fatigues and Doc Martens (lol) we surveyed the parking lot and found a calm crowd of ten, looking through piles of clothing laid out in rows in the tiny parking lot.

Well I  now I am starting to believe that the rumors were totally steeped in myth; there was no way these smiling and friendly fashionistas were going to get down and dirty for a few piles of clothing.  In fact everyone was all smiles, peace signs and members only jackets.  At 10:20 the employees began bringing out large one hundred pound bundles of clothing secured in heavy plastic strips

Suddenly the numbers increased and people began staking their claims on the parcels by sitting right on top of the bundles.  At 10:30 they began cutting the plastic strips and the group of ten turned into seventy-five eager shoppers.

Right before the last parcel was opened, a store employee announced that fighting, pulling, shoving and grabbing were not  permitted.  In fact if any two people got into a pulling match they would both be cast out of the lot and banned from the sale. Once the okay was given, the crowd proceeded to rush the bundles grabbing huge piles of clothing in their arms and returning to a corner to look through their finds.  It was like watching piranha feeding in a controlled sort of way.  One fellow even lost his balance and fell face first with a load of clothing.  It was pure fun!  Especially since I was out-of-the-way taking these shots.  One fashion-ista even came over and gave me a super cute pink poodle skirt for my daughter (complete with beaded poodle) that she adores.  I also snagged a vintage button down shirt with floral embroidery that I absolutely love.

It’s important to remember to bring cash to these types of sales and also bottled water and a protein bar wouldn’t hurt; you’ll definitely need the strength..lol.

When I hear there is a similar parking lot sale a few blocks away, I say goodbye to my new friends and rush to the bat mobile to check it out.    Not more than a few blocks away on Santa Monica Boulevard  and Detroit I see a sign which states $2 dollar clothing, is for sale. The sale, (right across from

BevMo) is being held by stylists and owners of  The Wardrobe Company, Lisa and Debbie Britton and is in its first week of operation.  When I hear that these recycled pieces are being sold for a good cause I couldn’t help buying a few goodies.

The weekly fundraiser runs every Saturday and Sunday from nine to five and the proceeds go to children at a bush school in Tanzania; which their brother Jeff is on the board of.  Twins for Tanzania is a grass-roots organization created by the ladies to benefit the non profit, Indigenous Education Fund, by raising money through Hollywood style charity events and yards sale style, clothing sales. The former Canadian actresses decided to form the organization after traveling to Tanzania to visit the school in person and seeing the poverty first hand; and after spending two and a half weeks with the students, these cool twins decided to re-evaluate their contribution to humanity by giving back.Picture

The goal of the organization is to eventually help girls all over the African continent, from Tanzania to Somalia; you can check them out at the sale or go to www.twins4tanzania.com for more info.

Until next time,

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About Shakonda

I love vintage fashion, natural recipes, music and art as well as discovering new ways to use old things. Roots and Berries gives an eco-friendly perspective on fashion, beauty, art and health whenever possible while connecting with people and artists on a grass-roots level.

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