Everybody’s Going Green…..

After seeing that springs make-up trend had solidified greens “status” as the must have shade of the moment for eyes and apparently lips; I was interested to find out just how far green was making its impact. So I took to the streets to find other ways of literally, going green.

What could be greener than golf?  It’s a literal day on the “green”.  The grass, the trees a warm breeze blowing in from the nearby ocean; is nature, in all its manicured splendor.

Golf, formally associated with the wealthy set is rapidly changing into everyone’s game. 

No longer associated with class or background, people of all ages and social sets are being introduced, falling in love with this game and never looking back.

Golf is the game that does not discriminate on age.  In fact, I was told by one avid golfer that he once saw an eighty year old man with oxygen tanks playing out on the green (really, it’s that addicting).

As a game that relies on so many variables for the perfect put, this game is one that is tough to master and even harder to get bored with.  All it takes is one good slice and you think you are getting good only to realize that you really don’t know jack.

Lessons are held at reasonable prices for everyone including children as young as five or six.  And most golf courses have women’s leagues, private and group lessons and a clubhouse bar.

Since I am so new to golf, I spend my time at the driving range down at the local club where the demographics are varied and some of the coolest people on the planet hang out.

 For under ten dollars you can g  et up to 100 balls to test your skill on and when you’re a lady like I am there is always someone there, to help you with your form.

Golf is a really great hobby which cuts a boring day down to size.  Come alone or bring a friend, rent a nine iron for a buck, put on your headphones and get in the zone or visit them during super twilight, which starts at 7pm.   For only $10 you get to play however many holes you can complete before the lights turn off at 10pm sharp.

Westchester Golf Course and Driving Range is located at:

6900 W Manchester Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90045
Neighborhood: Westchester / LAX

or check www.golfzing.com for clubs near you


About Shakonda

I love vintage fashion, natural recipes, music and art as well as discovering new ways to use old things. Roots and Berries gives an eco-friendly perspective on fashion, beauty, art and health whenever possible while connecting with people and artists on a grass-roots level.

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