Getting Through Wash Day With No Tears….

Okay, I will admit it; I have been neglecting my daughter’s natural and thick 4B hair for a few days.  But when you are busy as I am it is easy to get a bit sidetracked.  So I am making up for it now by really giving her hair some love and putting it up in a style that requires very little manipulation throughout the week. 

Before I learned how to take care of her hair I used to get lots of tangling and dryness, not to mention tons of tears; It was a nightmare.  However, since learning how to care for her hair properly I get almost no tangling and her hair stays moist and healthy.  Let me show you how to get through a wash day with no tears.

First you’ll want to gather all the necessary implements you’ll need and have them at hand:

  1. Gentle Shampoo- Aphogee
  2. Moisturizing Conditioner- Aphogee
  3. Moisturizer – I recommend Hawaiian Silky 14 n 1 (as shown).   I use my own recipe in my spray bottle, which is a family secret I may bottle one day :).
  4. Oil for sealing- Vatika oil, from a local indian market (olive or grape seed oil is fine; I use my own favorite combination of oils).
  5. Eco styler gel
  6. All natural beeswax for edges
  7. Wide tooth comb for de-tangling
  8. Denman brush (not pictured)
  9. Small black rubber bands
  10. A towel
  11. A healthy snack and a video (cover all the bases)

Okay let’s get started:

  •  Apply oil to the hair in sections and begin de-tangling with a wide tooth comb from the ends on up to the roots.  Make sure to hold the hair firmly near the scalp to reduce tugging and pulling.
  • Once de-tangled place the hair in four to five large twists and braid the ends to secure them.  This prevents tangle and knotting during the wash process.

  • Apply shampoo to the hair in each section concentrating on the scalp.
  • Using the shower head or a pitcher of water rinse the hair thoroughly keeping the child’s head tilted back.
  • Apply conditioner to hair and leave on for the recommended time, rinsing in the same manner as above.  Be thorough in removing any conditioner residue from the hair and scalp (a clean scalp equals good growth).
  • Lightly towel dry and spray the moisturizer generously on all of the hair in each section.
  • Take each section down and apply the oil thoroughly all the way to the ends.
  • Create your parts, clipping hair away from the face.
  • Add a bit of beeswax or edge tamer to lay the edges down and put hair into desired amount of pony tails (today I am only doing four sections for this style, the number of pony tails is up to you) considering the thickness of the hair.
  • Once you have the hair in pony tails, de-tangle the ends of each pony tail again to get a smooth twist, then separate a small amount of hair out of the first pony tail and apply a small amount of gel to it.
  • Separate that into two strands and begin twisting it all the way down to the ends
  • Curl the end around your finger with the brush and move on to the next section.
  • Do this for each pony tail moving in even sections, for best results.
  • Add barrettes, bows or whatever youd like to spice up your baby girl.

*The hair will appear white at first however, after about thirty minutes it will dry clear and shiny.  You can use a blow dryer on low to speed up the process if pressed for time.  Don’t use straight shea butter for this, it leaves a residue.

This style will last us two weeks.  I spray her hair with moisturizer and place a bonnet on her hair at night.  When It gets fuzzy I take down the twists and she’ll wear a fluffy twist out for a few days.

Using this method has allowed her hair to grow without heat, breakage or damage.  I hope this helps you keep your daughter’s hair natural and chemical free for as long as possible.

 Until Next Time

~Spread The Love


About Shakonda

I love vintage fashion, natural recipes, music and art as well as discovering new ways to use old things. Roots and Berries gives an eco-friendly perspective on fashion, beauty, art and health whenever possible while connecting with people and artists on a grass-roots level.

3 responses to “Getting Through Wash Day With No Tears….

  1. Brandi

    Her hair is so long and healthy looking, De’Aja and I are trying to get where your daughter is right now. I hate the time I wasted not knowing how to care for her natural hair. I’m learning now but if I had already known her hair would probably be down to her waist by now !

    • when she was a baby I made her almond milk from scratch and added something called sea moss and bladderwrack to it. I attribute this to alot of her growth because she got more than six inches per year those two years along with several trims. Now I just add kelp/ potassium drops to her water each day which I got at whole foods for 4 dollars and she gets cod liver oil 3 times per week plus lots of water and fruit. It’s basically the same thing. Many asians eat lots of sea veggies which aid in long hair growth and general health. But keep going in a few years she will be there. Let me know if you want the names of her supplements. 🙂

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