Something Old and Something New

We all have some of this have some of this hanging around…..

Old and outdated or broken jewelry and necklaces and bracelets waiting to be sold in a pile at a yard sale or even worse, tossed into our already overcrowded landfills.  But if you look very closely at your old beads and baubles you may find some beautiful natural minerals or  elements such as turquoise, coral, wood and crystal that can be used to transform your something old into something new and fabulous!

Turn a broken necklace into a bracelet or a fabulous pair of earrings, remix an earring that has lost its partner into a pendant and transform an old brooch into a hair accessory by attaching a clip to it with the help of a hot glue gun.  Once you get your creative juices flowing the possibilities are endless.

 You can purchase a jewelry making kit from a craft store like Michael’s and it will include all of the essentials you’ll need to re-purpose your old items.  Most starter kits contain a starter supply of wire, wire cutters, pliers, toggles, clasps and crimp bead along with a variety of beads of various sizes and colors.  For about 20 bucks you can re-purpose jewelry for years and create your own un-duplicated original style while doing the planet a favor.

Here are some other great ideas for old and broken jewelery:

  • Glue a faux set of pearls or beads around an old lamp shade, picture frame or mirror
  • Put the bling! on a worn out hair clip or headband
  • Turn your nicked stiletto or platform heels into a work of art
  • Re-dress the neckline of an old tank top or dress
  • Cover a large shoe box in your favorite wallpaper; decorate the box top with your old baubles and use it to store your love letters, baby pictures and keepsakes

Junk jewelery written by Jane Eldershaw has some really great tips for turning your trash into treasure:

Get more deets on how to use your old coins, keys, brooches, ribbons and beads by watching:,default,pg.html?fdid=videos-beads

As Always

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I love vintage fashion, natural recipes, music and art as well as discovering new ways to use old things. Roots and Berries gives an eco-friendly perspective on fashion, beauty, art and health whenever possible while connecting with people and artists on a grass-roots level.

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