Whats Old Is New Again


Recently, I have found myself focusing less on shopping and eating and more on shaping and toning my body.  Normally, I bulk up if I look at a set of weights so I knew I would have to do my research if I wanted to get slim.  Thus I was led from pilates to yoga and onto various other methods of barre exercise until I came upon an old craze from the early eighties that not only receives great reviews but gets great results and quickly.  I am talking about Callanetics and I can’t say enough about it.

The video tapes are outdated.  Yes, I said video tapes.  This is downright vintage and because its old you may get lucky and find the tapes at a garage sale or a good will for a little more than a dollar. On the other hand many have found these tapes or books lurking in much darker areas like their mothers attics, basements or bookshelves.

The fashions are totally eighties and the hair and make-up are a flashback to Olivia Newton John and John Travolta in the movie, Physical.  But permed hair and leotards aside, this time capsule of style which has had a re-surge in interest can now (thankfully) be purchased on DVD at Amazon.com and is nothing short of amazing.  And If you are looking to achieve a dancers physique that’s long, lean, toned and tight this one’s for you.

The creator of Callanetics, Callan Pinckney, was a former dancer who traveled the world and returned home with a spinal injury.  In an effort to get her body back into shape she created a series of exercises using small but precise pulses which tone and stretch the smaller groups of muscles from the inside.  By using a high number of repetitions and engaging the pelvic muscles this exercise works very deeply to give  amazing results such as: a flat abs, legs that don’t jiggle when you walk, a toned neck, greater posture, strength, flexibility and a tight beautiful body.  Like me, Madonna is an enthusiast of this exercise which gives you the tightening value of 20 hours of aerobics in a 1 hour session and the way she looks at the age of 49 guarantees that she definitely puts in her hours.

Because these exercises were created by Callan while nursing an injury they were made to protect the back and modifiable for all ages.  This is not a high impact jarring and jumping workout.  In fact the movements are slow and controlled and you are repeatedly instructed to relax while Callan whips your butt into shape while using an encouraging and motherly tone.  The tasks which look deceivingly simple have turned many hard bodies into quivering wimps.

What has been described as meditation in motion will leave you feeling, somewhat euphoric, pleasantly invigorated and most importantly give you visible results in just a few hours.  They not only increase your endurance but heighten your sex drive and promise greater and stronger orgasms, whether you want them or not, lol.  The body begins to tone and lift from the ankles up and from the neck down  until everything just begins to pull in like magic.  The stomach becomes flatter and the bottom lifts higher.  As Callan states on her video 10 years younger in 10 hours, results are not measured by the scale but by the bottom line.  Which is why this video has made the list of my favorites and its dedicated followers continue to sing it’s praises after so many years.

Unlike most exercises, Callanetics is safe to do daily as long as you listen to your body and give it a day of rest when needed.   In order to get the best results ever combine Callanetics with a healthy diet and thirty minutes or more of cardio such as walking two to three times per week.  You’ll thank me later!

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