Fashion Designers Find Ways to “Revalue” Clothing……

In response to the growing environmental crises, some designers are not only using organic cottons and fabrics (which were seeing a resurgence in this Fall) but also looking at ways to “reuse” and “revalue” materials in order to make them less disposable and thereby giving them a commercial afterlife.  By combining new, organic, recycled and vintage materials along with environmentally conscious design these artists have caught the attention of Rootsandberries.


Founded in 2008 by MaxOsterweis in collaboration with designer Erin Beatty and started on vintage fabrics Osterweis had been collecting for years this accessible luxury brand uses traditional techniques and combines them with intricate local designs to create a fresh and bold global view of fashion while employing artists from Kenya, India, Peru and NYC.  SUNO  NY debuts its Fall/Winter 2011 collection  September 1st and we will definitely be watching.

Alabama Chanin

This lifestyle company’s focus is sustainable energy.  These limited edition products are created by hand using a mixture of new, organic and recycled materials by local artists from Alabama.  This walking cape is easily one of our favorite pieces for fall.


Think modern urban design,  simple silhouettes and  comfortable chic and you have Bodkin  founded in 2008 by Eviana Hartman a former fashion editor at NYLON.   Using carefully sourced organic, post consumer recycled and new fibers colored with vegetable dyes this company seeks not to be labeled  “green” but rather “thoughtful”.  What we love about the collection is its wearability and understated, classic luxury.

As we all know fashion trend is known to affect consumer behavior and we hope finding ways to “revalue” clothing is the one trend that catches on.


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